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Village vision includes new meeting hall

A DALE community may get a new village hall to replace its meeting place which dates from the 18th century. 
The Montalbo Village Hall in Gainford was given to the village in 1956 but has become dated over the years. 
Now the parish council is considering creating a new, bigger hall as part of its ten-year-plan to make the village a better place for future generations. 
Plans to build new homes in the village have prompted councillors to consider how they can help the village best prepare for a growing population. 
One of the facilities the parish council has said it will be looking at is the village hall. The present hall provides a base for the parish council and village meetings, as well as community groups from dressmaking classes to yoga. 
But with a predicted growth in demand for the hall the parish council said it is looking at the possibility of creating a new one. 
The council plans to speak with residents and local groups in coming months to help them form a plan that will ensure the village’s infrastructure is “fit for purpose”.  
Linda Britton, chairwoman of Gainford Parish Council, said: “As part of this strategic process we will be talking to all key groups within the village on a range of issues including new communal facilities such as a larger village hall.”
She added: “The recent threat of housing developments in unwanted locations has underlined the fact that the people of Gainford want to be wholly responsible for the continued sustainability and development of their village rather than have it imposed upon them by outside organisations.
“In line with this the parish council is using the powers under the Localism Act to create a strategy and vision for the parish for the next ten years and ensure the village’s main infrastructure is fit for purpose. 
“This vision sees the council consulting with the village on key areas they feel need to be addressed to ensure a higher quality of life within the village and safeguard the existence of local business, community facilities and employment opportunities.”
The parish council said among other issues it plans to continue to look at resolving the situation at St Peter’s and lobby Signet Planning for a better consultation with villagers about the proposed housing development at Neville Close. 


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