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Review of Thriller Live - Darlington Civic Theatre

THRILLER LIVE as the name suggests is a tribute of the music from the legend that was Michael Jackson. There are many shows which feature the music of a period or just one artist, which have been turned into jukebox musicals, but thankfully they have not gone down this route with Michael Jackson and instead have produced a breath taking journey through his life.

Choreography by Gary Lloyd, who also directed the show is fast paced and high octane. With amazing light and staging. The costumes reflect he different periods of his music as well as his own inimitable style. The talented cast of dancers and vocalists included the powerful Angelica Allen, the lead vocalist understudy and the superb Rory Taylor.

The interaction with the audience is just right to create a party atmosphere throughout the show with everyone on their feet during the finale and many dancing in the aisles.

Thriller Live runs until Saturday 5th March.


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