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Review of Sherlock Holmes and the Ripper Murders

WRITTEN by Brian Clemens, well known for his TV crime writing. Sherlock Holmes and the Riper Murders mix the fictional Sherlock Holmes with the real unsolved murders by Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper provides the perfect unsolved crime for Holmes with the many links to possible suspects over the years including royalty, the script is well constructed with faultless acting throughout, Samuel Clemens as Sherlock Holmes is very understated, but shows many features of Holmes that we would expect. I liked the fact that he made the character his own. George Telfer as Dr Watson certainly brought a new edge to the character with much being made of him wanting to be an equal to Holmes. Andrew Paul as Sir William Gull carried an air of authority with a slight menacing trait to his character.

The stage is dark and intimidating with the set projected onto large strips of cloth, for some scenes these work very well especially the alley ways of London, but are more confusing for the interiors as they are not clear enough. Scenes are short and good use is made of the multi-level set, but they can be confusing. Sound effects especially the knife and scream are slightly bizarre.

For those who are well versed in Holmes and Jack the Ripper there are many references to spot in the well-crafted script.


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