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Review of Horible Histories - Darlington Civic Theatre

TERRY Deary’s Horrible Histories have come a long way since the first book, with a television series, monthly magazine and of course the stage show. Bringing history to life through their own unique style entertaining us through the boisterous characters, lively songs, pantomime style interaction and lots of historical facts.

This week at Darlington the two productions are The Groovy Greeks and The Incredible Invaders, featuring Romans, Saxons and Vikings. The run opened with The Incredible Invaders, where we are taken on our journey of the invaders by Mavis, played with great energy by Hannah Boyce, as she becomes a slave throughout history. Ashley Bowden, Laura Dalgleish and Charlie Buckland make up the many invading characters. Modern references include a ‘Grand Designs’ style how to build a Roman Road and a Saxon ‘Come Dine With Me.’

My young companion for the evening was particularly taken with the 3D effects through ‘Bogglevision’ and really enjoyed the gory descriptions of punishments and would certainly recommend it as a highly entertaining evening.


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