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Review of Avenue Q - Darlington Civic Theatre

After my introduction to Avenue Q through a youth theatre version at the Edinburgh Festival last year, I was really looking forward to the full adult version from Sell A Door Theatre Company and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. For those who haven’t heard of Avenue Q it is best described as a grown up version of Sesame Street and The Muppets. Set on Avenue Q we meet a mixture of human characters and puppets with puppeteers, following the ups and downs of their lives as they discover their purpose in life.

This is an incredibly strong cast and it only takes a few minutes before you get used to watching the puppeteer and puppet infused as one, the facial expressions and voice coming from the puppeteer and mannerisms and movement from the puppet. Richard Lowe, Sarah Harlington, Stephen Arden and Jessica Parker bring life to their puppets as they manipulate them with ease. The human cast of Arina II, Richard Morse, and Etisyai Philip are delightful to watch as they interact with the puppet cast. The balance between human and puppet interaction is perfect. Superbly directed by Cressida Carre the lively ensemble cast ensure there isn’t a moment when you are not transfixed by the action on the stage.

The stand out moments for me were Sarah Harlington as Lucy The Slut, think of an adult Miss Piggy, and the most well-known track of ‘There’s A Fine, Fine Line’

Yet again Darlington Civic Theatre have shown what a great mix of entertainment they bring to the area.


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