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Family of Andrew Clement speak out after tragic chocking death

A TEESDALE family have spoken out after a young man choked himself to death in an attempt to get a high.
Stainton Grove’s Andrew Clement died when he tied his torn up T-shirt around his neck to try and replicate the effects of drugs, a coroner concluded.
The 27-year-old builder had twice tried to get drugs over the phone after going out for a drink on Saturday, May 21, but he failed to get hold of any.
His fiancee, 19-year-old Danielle Miller, is 20 weeks pregnant with the couple’s daughter.
“I think if Andrew had known he would never have done it,” said Miss Miller.
“I don’t think he has thought about the consequences. No high could be worth your family. If he could see us sat here he would be asking “why did I do that?’”
His mum, Maureen Clement, warned others not to put their lives at risk in the same way.
“Anyone that’s even thinking about trying something like this should think about their families – the outcome of what they do and who finds them,” said Mrs Clement. “I am totally angry.
“Andrew would have absolutely hated this outcome – he would be saying ‘how stupid am I?’
“I just hope it acts as a warning – especially to young kids.”
An inquest in Crook heard how Mr Clement had been out for a drink before returning home with friends to Stainton Grove.
Miss Miller went upstairs to bed at about 1.30am and Mr Clement said he was on his way up after he’d finished his drink.
But on returning downstairs she found him slumped on the floor with a ligature around his neck.
She tried to resuscitate him with CPR and rang for an ambulance but Mr Clement had died.
A police investigation revealed Mr Clement had sent two text messages from his phone asking for drugs while he was alone downstairs.
Detective Sergeant Graham Lowe, of South Durham CID, said both texts had gone unanswered and there was no evidence of anyone else coming to the house.
He added there no suggestion of suicide with no note and texts revealing his life was “on the up”. 
Miss Miller said Mr Clement was “not good at hiding his feelings” adding that she did know her fiancee occasionally took drugs if he’d had a lot to drink.
She added: “I really do not know what he has tried to do. I honestly do not think he would want to end his life – his personality had not changed one bit.”
His dad, Charlie Clement, said he believed it was a stupid action or prank that had gone wrong.
Coroner’s officer Dawn Carter said she had received ten emails from relatives and friends.
Many told of how optimistic Mr Clement was about the future with a baby on
the way and all were convinced he had not died intentionally.
Ms Carter said she had also done research into how people asphyxiated themselves as a substitute for the euphoric effects of cocaine.
Known as “Eggz” to his friends, Mr Clement played for Barnard Castle RFC and was popular around the
The assistant coroner for County Durham and Darlington, Oliver Longstaff, praised Miss Miller for her “commendable calmness” and agreed with Mr Clement’s family that his death was not intentional.
He said his life appeared to be “in a good space” and there had been “a great well of affection” for him following his passing.
Mr Longstaff added: “This will be a great help during this very difficult time.”
A verdict of death by misadventure was recorded by the coroner. 


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